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When moving locally, it is easy to assume that this type of move will be a piece of cake. Luckily, when you work with9 Corrigan Moving, it can be! We consistently hear from our neighbors who miscalculated the complexity of their local move. Using a local moving company certainly is more clear-cut than a long-distance move, there are still many pieces that should be handled seamlessly. Your household goods still need to be boxed, loaded onto a van carefully, transported and delivered into your new place. Although it may be a short drive down the street, taking the time to be sure your items are moved professionally and with the utmost care is why our community depends on us. At Corrigan Moving, we combine over 1929 years of expertise with trained moving professionals, all with the mission of crafting a stress-free move for our clients. Contact us for a no-obligation moving estimate.

Corrigan Moving will put a skilled and capable team at your disposal

Corrigan Moving is a local moving company with roots that go back as far as 1929. From that time onwards, we have made it our mission to provide our customers with high quality moving services. To make sure you have the type of move that you deserve, we only select the correct people for the job.

Instead of learning through on-the-job training and possiblybreaking your items in the process, our local movers learn their moving knowledge before entering your home. Corrigan Moving has built a complete apartment that acts as basic training for our moving staff. After successfully passing a background check, our new movers will spend multiple days experiencing all the ins and outs of the business. 

Eliminate hassle and increase performance with our local movers in Cleveland

From your first discussion with Corrigan Moving, you will know why we are unique from other local moving companies. We aren’t a labor for hire business. We treat you the right way. This means visually surveying your home and furniture, looking at the logistics of your home and figuring out the best plan for success. Making sure things are done the right way takes additional time initially, but when your local move crew shows up with all the information and resources they need to efficiently and carefully handle your move. We don’t want move day twists, that is why we take the time to plan for your needs and personal items before the crew parks in front of your house. With Corrigan Moving in your corner, you will partner with a team that will make your move as easy as 123.

We will begin by pairing you with a local moving consultant. After a one-on-one consultation, you will be more familiar with our solutions and expectations, as well as yours. Furthermore, it's at this point that we can create you with an accurate local moving estimate that comes with no commitments.

Local moving companies near you will treat your relocation as a unique process

While we have over 90 years of experience under our belt, we will not handle two projects that were exactly the same. That is why creating a personal local moving plan is our first step. After our in-home or virtual survey, we craft our moving plans based on the professional assessment of your needs.

Rely on our high-quality household moving assistance

Corrigan Moving has several local moving company locations and services we provide in addition to local moving. Though we have offices in many states, we continue to be owned and operated by the founding family. No matter the circumstances of your move and the challenges of your relocation, you will be certain that we will provide you with as much moving assistance as you request. It is with that in mind that we have expanded our range of moving services which include:

Commitment, responsibility, experience - these are the core qualities that our moving company embodies. 

Make your Cleveland local relocation into a smooth one with Corrigan Moving

Your local move has all the likelihood of being a smooth project. However, it’s up to you to work with the right moving company to see to it that it happens. You can spend your energy Googling for 'local movers near me', or 'local moving companies', or you can reach out

Begin researching your stress-free move with our library of resources

Look through our curated collection of resource materials selected to assist with your move planning. Our Moving Tools include packing instructional videos, moving checklists, and important documents.