Cleveland Decommissioning Solutions

Decommissioning is a frequently missed part of the relocation procedure. If you were renting your past office, the lease agreement typically stipulates that you must reinstate it to the original condition after you move. This can be a really complex process, one that will require help from experts. At Corrigan Moving, we take pride in being capable to aid our customers with every part of the move process, commercial decommissioning included. We will empower you to focus on your new office, without needing to bother about returning your previous one back to original. Contact us today and we’ll help you decommission your space in a quick and effective way.

How can we help decommission your premises?

When you hire Corrigan Moving to aid you with decommissioning your old location, you can look forward to the following:

  • Comprehensive examination of all specifications
  • Furniture disassembly
  • Product assessment
  • File storage and shredding
  • Packing
  • Warehousing
  • Verification of completion
  • Repairs and repainting of walls and ceiling
  • Removal of all signage
  • Removing of IT cables
  • Trash discarding
  • Flooring restoration, replacement, or disposal
  • Return of business area to broom-swept conditions

Of course, you are able to select only the offerings that you genuinely require. We will never "tack on" any unwanted services, and we’ll provide you with a clear list of services and rates.

Moreover, our office decommissioning method includes careful planning. Our staff will work with you, side-by-side, to cover all of the requirements and ensure that they’re accomplished in the allowed timespan. We fully understand that the timespan may come with costly penalties, and we’ll help you forgo them.

Our professionals will show up at the location and clear all pieces that are in your lease demands. This might include data cabling, fixtures, carpets, etc. Each floor will be thoroughly vacuumed and free of all waste. We can also help you sell or donate all dispensable property that are in acceptable condition. For the items that don’t fit this designation, we can help recycle. It’s our aim to deliver our clients and our neighbors with sincere, easy, and efficient solutions.

A century of expertise at your fingertips

Corrigan Moving follows its origins to 1929. In those days, we offered transportation solutions with basic ice transportation trucks. Nevertheless, we were recognized to be the movers that "do the right thing". Go forward a hundred years and the public still say this about us. But these days, Corrigan Moving has limitless assets at its disposal. This means that we can manage virtually any relocation project, regardless of its extent, difficulty, or size. Our fundamentals, education, and responsibility have witnessed us secure numerous moving honors throughout the decades. Nonetheless, we won’t sit silently and rest on our laurels, either. Corrigan Moving aims to advance every single day, to benefit of our customers and the community.

Regarding decommissioning, our knowledge helps us acquire an unparalleled degree of productivity, safety, and cost-effectiveness. We don't have to do exhaustive research, nor do we have to spend a bunch of time guessing. When you partner with us for decommissioning, we already understand what to do. Of course, every project is different and requires specific modifications, however, the main premise is always the same: You require your previous business in its original state. Though we concentrate in decommissioning projects around Cleveland, we can provide our services all across the country.

Over the decades, we have serviced tens of thousands of decommissioning undertakings, to the complete satisfaction of our customers. Our mantra of always doing the right thing resounds with our clients, and that is why a large amount of our work comes from referrals or satisfied endorsements. But holding comprehensive knowledge and mastery is just a single piece of the "puzzle" that’s Corrigan Moving.

Wonderfully accomplished office decommissioning workforce

Many relocation businesses seek to lessen their functioning expenses by hiring day laborers or incapable personnel. They believe relocating to be as basic as relocating pieces from point A to point B. While that could work for them, Corrigan Moving has a alternate idea. We know that every customer merits true masters. And that needs adequate instruction, knowledge, and experience. We are one of the only relocation organizations that have invested in a educational facility where our crews can master the art of relocation before they begin handling customers' possessions.

This facility allows us to train our employees in the top possible way, including to sustain extreme levels of proficiency. By learning here, our moving crews learn all the important skills to handle a precise, diligent, and easy relocation process. In terms of decommissioning, this allows us to beat almost any timeframe given us.

Every relocation solutions underneath one roof

The point is that decommissioning is only one portion of the moving process. You could still want residential relocation services for household relocation and commercial moving solutions for a commercial move. Oftentimes, you need both concurrently. That’s why Corrigan Moving delivers each solution you could require for a household or commercial relocation. Not only can we supply you with commercial decommissioning and almost any relocation service in the trade, but we can also provide you with logistics assistance, project management offerings, and far more. Below are a few of the services that we provide:

No matter what your relocation may need, you can be sure that Corrigan Moving will be able to manage it! From office decommissioning to government transfers, we have the know-how to make it seem effortless!

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