Workplace Technology

Commercial technology relocation isn’t something that you can give to your typical mover. You require a moving company with knowledge in moving sensitive technology. Corrigan Moving, located in Cleveland, has been moving for over 90 years and is now recognized as one of the finest moving companies when it comes to relocating offices of all sizes.

Our team of specialists will provide you with a very careful and swift relocation experience, allowing you to get back to your business operations with as small a delay as possible.

A moving company that always does the right thing – Corrigan Moving

Ever since our family business was started, we have been guided by an extremely straightforward idea: To always do the right thing! This was the belief of our founder, Frank The Chief Corrigan, and the company continues to honor them. Independent of the relocation scope or industry, our moving team is committed to doing the right thing for our clients. For office technology relocation, it looks like making sure that your computers and servers is given full protection and is moved swiftly.


Best trained movers in the industry

The reason why we have conviction is because of comprehensive education and years of experience. When you choose Corrigan Moving, you are choosing the “dream team”. We aren’t your typical moving company, we’re Corrigan Moving. Our name symbolizes our breadth of experience and expertise. Through the decades, we’ve conducted numerous moves that involve sensitive and fragile equipment. Besides office moving services, our staff will assist with moving healthcare centers and labs. Our staff of professionals will ensure that all the technology servers and computers is set up and properly functioning in the fastest time period possible.


Workplace technology moving services

We offer workplace technology relocation for a extensive range of industries which include:

Clearly, we are able to provide almost any relocation that involves the shipping of technology equipment. If you are planning a commercial relocation and need a vendor to carefully handle your sensitive technology equipment, you cannot find a more qualified mover in Cleveland than Corrigan Moving.


Desktop disconnect/reconnect service

A larger workplace move can include moving hundreds of people in one day. While your IT staff may be able to manage all the disconnects and reconnects on their own, the fact of the matter is that their plates could be full with more tasks. Our crews can help make the move more efficient by relocating multiple workstations in onlyone day. All your computers and accessories will be precisely categorized and safely handled before we transfer them to the new location. This will guarantee that your employees are able to be productive the very next day. Our team of experts will help you plan your move, making sure that your business experiences minimal interruption.

Our staff will provide for you these services:

  • Desktop disconnection/reconnection
  • Installation of monitor arms and other components
  • Installation of systems furniture
  • Relocation of server rooms
  • Desk wire management

Our past experience allows us to take care of all of the needed tasks efficiently. Therefore, you can spend less time waiting and more time doing your regular job. You will be able to optimize your relocation experience by working alongside some of the top office relocation project managers in the country. Our project management staff will design a specific and tailored moving scheme, one that ensures a swift, secure, and seamless relocation.


Server and computer moving solutions

No matter your office is small, you will still have many computer stations that you need to relocate. You may have IP phones, printer stations, and various pieces of technology, and all require delicate and skilled handling. You may additionally require specialized crating and skidding for some items. After you hire Corrigan Moving for your relocation, you no longer need to worry about anything. We will manage everything for you and get your organization back up and running as soon as possible!

Our team can assist you with server and computer moving and inventorying, receiving and shipping, crating and uncrating, installation and debris removal, rack setup and installation, and network cabling. Functionally, we can make everything a lot easier for your staff. Our services are here to work together with your IT department so your team can get back to business.


Additional commercial moving services that you can count on Corrigan Moving for

When relocating a workspace, you’ll typically have other needs beyond relocating the technology. Corrigan Moving has the expertise to assist with all your relocation needs. We’ll handle your whole move, so every aspects are handled with urgency and efficiency.

That’s why we are called Corrigan Moving Systems. We deliver several additional solutions than your typical mover. From server technology moving to all commercial solutions, our team is qualified to do it all! If you are hoping to make any move more smooth, just contact us.

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