Our Values

 At Corrigan, our principles matter more than just a marketing document. They’re the principles that we make choices with every day. The principle that guides everything else is our pledge to

Always Do The Right Thing

Sowed in us by our founder over 90 years ago, this is the tenet that has motivated us to be the best moving company in the Great Lakes Region. You can see this priority on display in the way that we respect our customers, employees, and the community.


Most important to living out our promise to Always Do The Right Thing, is integrity. We will earn your support with each interaction with Corrigan people. You can rely on us to do what it takes to be sure that the commitments we made are kept throughout your move.


Corrigan Moving has thrived for 93 years because we’re enthusiastic about innovation and embracing solutions to new problems. New moving challenges are intriguing for us because we are able to tap into our innovation to continually enrich the experience for our customers and grow our skills.


We are passionate about being good humans to everyone we work with - in the office, the streets, and in your house. We realize that how we treat people impacts our whole community. That’s why we value being considerate to our customers, staff, and the community.


Moving is a team sport. It takes teamwork and collaboration between many people to successfully execute your personal move. At Corrigan we choose to empower our staff to collaborate to take care of our clients. We offer the best available training and all the tools they need. And then, we empower them to do whatever it takes to make sure your move is the best one ever.

Begin researching your stress-free move with our library of resources

Browse through our curated collection of resource materials selected to assist with your move planning. Our Moving Tools include packing instructional videos, moving checklists, and important documents.