Corrigan makes moving for work simple!

Whether you’ve been hired on for a new job or received a promotion, congratulations are in order! You’ve done the hard part of deciding to relocate for work and now it is time to allow Corrigan Moving to manage the particulars. Our professionally trained team is experienced with many corporate relocation benefit packages and, as a corporate transferee, we’ll review your benefits, determine your requirements and propose moving services that are within your personal cost parameters. At Corrigan, we believe in doing what is right for our customers which is the reason we make employee relocations as easy as 1, 2, 3.

What to anticipate when relocating for your job?

Corporate benefit packages are different to each company. Your benefits administrator will provide the particulars of your relocation package and first steps. Depending on what benefits your organization provides, you will be directed to a specific mover, or you may be expected to find a mover on your own. Either way, Corrigan’s skilled team will be with you, assisting you during every phase of the move.


Your Home Survey

Because the cost of your move is calculated based on the weight of the shipment and total distance, a home survey is needed to determine the weight of what is being moved. During the move survey, you will show a professional moving representative throughout your home and out-buildings, discussing the things that will be included in your shipment. You will be asked to open doors, cabinets, drawers as well as see under beds for things that could be forgotten!

*Virtual surveys have vastly become the main form of conducting a move survey for our corporate relocation clients. All the same, in-home surveys with a personal moving representative are still a choice.


Reviewing the Estimate & Deciding Moving Needs

After finishing your move survey, you will be given a moving quote. Corrigan’s move coordinator will be able to discuss the estimate in detail and give choices for ensuring you stay within your allocated relocation budget.

Some things to think about when sizing your moving needs to reduce the cost of your relocation:

  1. If packing has been included in your quote, you can bring down the total price by boxing your own items, or, lowering the amount of packing to include only the essential, fragile things.
  2. Did you include belongings that you no longer need? Giving away or selling items that you don’t need to save will lighten the load, extend your relocation budget, and declutter unused items in your new home.
  3. Are your moving dates flexible? If there is flexibility in your schedule and you can adjust your dates forward or backward; you may see a cost savings. Make sure to tell move representative know how adjustable your move dates are.

Your move coordinator will work with you to craft a personalized moving package that matches your personal moving needs and remains within your specified budget. Our expertise working with corporate transferees means you will have access to the industries’ most skilled and seasoned experts with an arsenal of customizable moving packages.


Your Move

After the specifics are decided and your relocation is on the books, you will be given a personal move coordinator[[. This person will give you guidance through every stage of your move. He or she will make sure you have the info you need to know, at the time you need it and will continue to be a resource for any questions, issues, or revisions you want to see to your move plan.

Your personal move coordinator will stay in touch at important moments to offer essential details about your relocation and keep you informed. In the days between confirming your move with Corrigan Moving and move day, you will be provided details pertaining to:

As your single point of contact, we encourage our corporate customers to contact your your move coordinators at any time through the entire move process.

Delivery & Getting Settled

Leading up to your delivery, your move coordinator will be in touch, establishing final dates, times and getting you ready for what to expect upon delivery. You will receive essential information about the important inventory, your roll in the delivery day and more.

When delivery is completed, you will receive a follow-up phone call or email from your move coordinator with a reminder to answer our post-move survey. And, if you need, your move coordinator will help you through the simplesteps of lodging a claim.

At Corrigan, we take pride in the jobs we do. With our highly trained and experienced crews, we ensure each employee relocation we perform is fully with the goal of doing the right thing for our customer. If you’re a corporate transferee with an approaching move, get in touch today and choose the best – choose Corrigan.

Begin researching your stress-free move with our library of resources

Look through our curated collection of resource materials selected to assist with your move planning. Our Moving Tools include packing instructional videos, moving checklists, and important documents.