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Transferring even a simple library can be a truly tedious and detailed process. Preserving Dewey Decimal integrity during the move is crucial for an organized and efficient delivery. Books have far greater value than what their sticker cost may dictate, a fact that Corrigan Moving is fully conscious of. Our library movers are there to carefully move your complete collection to the new location, regardless of the size, challenge, or scope of the project. Call us today and get a complimentary estimate to get started!

100 years of relocation knowledge at your fingertips

Corrigan Moving opened its business to the community all the way back in 1929. At the organization's inception, our founder Frank The Chief Corrigan charged us with a simple, yet impassioned value: Always do the right thing. This mantra guided us from a modest garage we formed in to growing into the largest relocation company in the Midwest. Today, we’re qualified in managing any relocation, regardless of its type and scale.

When we began specializing in library relocations, we discovered the requirement for a company that can finish tasks in a smooth, time-sensitive, and safe manner. Our library movers are capable of building unique, tailored relocation methods, ensuring that your desires are always achieved. That is what doing the right thing requires. Each library is unique and requires a custom method when it comes to moving it. Our library relocation services are totally customizable. Each customer of Corrigan Moving receives exactly what they want.

With the assets at our fingertips, we can facilitate library relocations across the country and also across the world. Regardless if you must relocate a local library to another spot or a complicated research library to a different country, you can trust in us to make it simpler for you.


Rare collections relocation

When your library includes special collection pieces, transferring them is a project that needs to be done with maximum caution. Each of the special items demand delicate management and expert hands. Additionally, the delicate state of these pieces usually needs specified moisture and climate settings. So, you require a library moving company that has all the necessary resources.

When you collaborate with Corrigan Moving, you get all those resources in one place. You won’t be required to work with several moving partners and hinder events even further. We can completely manage all your instructions and specifications head-on. Strategizing a move will be an event that you like. Our staff are all highly knowledgeable experts, with comprehensive expertise in moving expensive items. The business policy is to not employ any day laborers or outsource our moving projects: it is the sole way we can trust we do right by our clients.


Deinstallation, transportation, and installation

Aside from executing all the difficult logistics, our library movers can help you with all the required responsibilities that a library move requires. This includes deinstallation of the library's shelving units, in addition to handling furniture, technology equipment, and the remaining infrastructure. Essentially, our experts will be at your side until your new locations are totally ready to accept the books and begin business functions. We can manage these moves anywhere in the country or internationally. For global relocations, we sustain a vast network of the finest revered associates that help with pieces of the process.

Of course, the books themselves will be kept fully in order through the project, until the moment emerges for them to be positioned back on the shelves, in the same order.


Your reliable professionals

In case this is the first time you're facilitating a library relocation, there might be many uncertainties. You might require someone to instruct you on how to progress, and how to make the most from the move. With Corrigan Moving managing your move, you will consistently have access to expert knowledge and advice. We will support you throughout the preparation process, fulfillment, as well as authentication. Our professionals will help you prepare an audit trail for your records, move your articles with expertise and protection, and help you accomplish an easy and methodical transition.

Transferring books, shelving, and technological equipment are but one portion of a library move. If you also need to move offices, we can assist with that, too!


Additional Transportation Solutions

As an all encompassing moving organization, we offer commercial services. We are your "one-stop-shop" any time you are planning a relocation project. Below is what we can currently offer:

Traditionally, you would have had to enlist several transportation organizations to have access to all these solutions. However with Corrigan Moving, you do not have to. We can assist you with every sort of relocation undertaking, regardless of how intricate, tedious, or difficult it may be.

If you have a more specific concern, tell us! We’re constantly improving the breadth and collection of our services, all to propel us a step closer to our mantra of always doing the right thing for our customers. When you come to Corrigan Moving with a relocation project, concern, or problem, you can know it is managed in the best possible method.

If you’re hunting for accomplished, trained, and compassionate library movers, all you need to do is give Corrigan Moving a call. We will help you plan, manage, and accomplish a relocation process you will be thoroughly pleased with. Reach out to us today and book your easy library relocation!

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